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Collective of chests and barrels


Chest #2

Chest #5
with rubber bags and dog's head closure

Chest #6
with dog or fish decoration

with bag of felt, local embroidery decoration

with bag of trimmed sheepskin

with bag of elaborated felt, natural white

Chest #8
with leather belly-cusheon, red felt bag and stained glass shield

Chest #9
red version, with dog decoration and embroidered leather bag

green version, with dog decoration and elaborated leather bag

- after an inquisitive demand of a furniture factory in Friuli, Italy, for a proposal for furniture production based on their technical capacities combined with those of the region (Slovenia).

Proposals / research
- the collective: how to create series of furniture based on connected characteristics instead of formal repetition - like family or social groups.
- research on use of animal icons and textile components in basic chest-furniture.
- associations after archaic significances in regional and specific use.

Concept & funding Studio Carla Boomkens.
Registered 2004.