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'ANTONZICHT - spaces for persons with autism' - 2008-'10
Open access document NL/Eng presenting a research-project on autism-related spatial facilities and needs.
Investigations and design-proposals by eight graduation-students of PERK Interieuropleidingen Eindhoven (PERK Interior Studies), 2008.

The relation between the growing amount of autism diagnoses in/around Eindhoven and the presence of the high-technology industries of Philips - founded by Anton Philips in 1915 - is not coincidental. Recent studies have evidenced the higher rates of people with autism also in other areas with high-technology industry concentrations such as Silicon Valley (Cal. USA) and Melbourne, Australia. The highly gifted mathematical talents, that can occur at people with autism or within the autism-spectre (ASD), seem to have contributed substantially to the development and flourishing of this sector.
Anton's initiatives now have irreverible consequences though for the social structure of the city of Eindhoven: parents, primary and secondary schools and other educative institutions have to deal with the specifics coming along with this disorder.
In the clear notion that many of the problems raising with autism are not to be solved with design, a constructive contribution to this issue though can be the provision of spatial support for the people in the ASD-spectre, in order to have their talents prevail and maximize their participation in society.
The ANTONZICHT (ANTONVIEW) project is an attempt to give practical answers by proposing refined adapted spaces. This publication shows the results, containing a great variety of possible perspectives. takes some instants for the document to load...............

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