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Affectionate precision

Improvisation in control

Ordering and bliss


The 'Lean on me' - project is an ongoing inquiry on resources for the design of facilitating objects, like tools, instruments and furniture. Started in 2005, it is the follow-up of the Surly Chest Collective and the KR4K-collection: the image archive. The designer being as well a guide in associations and unexpected combinations implies her/his responsability towards the user: lean on me.

As a basis for object design, the response to the human actions should be supportive - in both a functional and poetical way. Particular significances after specific use and customs are researched here in combination with attitude and behavioural aspects.

The cutting edge between the poetic and the functional should be redefined every time, and meanders along generousity, practicality, humour, association, and very often the absurd. Where these factors are put together in the right doses, they might converge in a design one can 'lean on': objects or spaces to relate to instinctively.

Concept & funding Studio Carla Boomkens